Friday, 31 August 2012


Travian is a browser-based strategy game. There are 3 tribes to choose from; Romans, Teutons and Gauls. If you're a new player, or just don't have much time on your hands due to school/work ect then it's suggested that you play Gaul, though I have managed to pull off playing Roman whilst also studying at University.

So, what's the point in the game?

Well, obviously, the point is to win. You can do this in many ways, which vary depending on whether or not you join an alliance. If you join an alliance, it's likely that the alliance leader will either have decided on the path the alliance should take or they may poll alliance members on the forums to see which way the victory should come.

Playing as part of an alliance has both benefits and issues. For example, some alliances may ask players to send resources to the designated base of the alliance in order to build it up. On the other hand, alliances can also offer protection to players that are stationed near the main power base- usually through reinforcement, though some alliances will also send free resources in order to try and keep the players within the alliance as equal as possible.

Personally, I prefer playing as part of an alliance. When I do play outside an alliance, I quite often get asked to join alliances as I tend to be OK at strategy games.

Time management game?

I've heard people call Travian a time management game. Whilst this analogy is not entirely untrue, people have to remember that there is also strategy- like choosing the tribe to play, whether to be offensive or defensive and deciding if you want to go it alone or join an alliance.

Does the game have issues?

Well, there are some. For instance, you can join a server at any point in the game- whether just before the server officially starts or right near the end. The reason I feel this is an issue should be obvious- you can't play the game well if you join at the end because you'll just end up being farmed by people who have had much longer to build up armies.

Farming? That sounds scary!

Actually, people who farm aren't uncommon. They'll usually send a small force on a repeat to attack you and then steal your resources. Some players will be nice enough to stop if you ask nicely, or offer them something in return. However, there are only really two ways to stop people farming you if they are- either you can ask your alliance to beat them up for you, or you can build up your crannies and army to beat them up yourself.


Women heroes were added on 4th Sept 2012, making the game a little more gender equal!

Anyway, that's the end of today's review. I hope to see some of you playing on a server with me some time.


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