Friday, 17 August 2012

Dr. Mario

As one of my favourite childhood games, I have decided to review Dr. Mario (mostly because that means I get to replay it XD)


The whole point in Dr. Mario is to eradicate germs by placing same-coloured pills on top of them. This starts off pretty easy, but can end in colossal piles of wrongly coloured pills if you don't pay attention.

You might think this seems like a pretty simple game mechanic- and you'd be right, but remember that this game was made for the NES in 1990! The game mechanics are also very similar to those of tetris (I vaguely remember being able to buy them on the same cartridge too! Though that was on the SNES...) in that you move things using down, left and right and rotate using the A button- the main difference is that you can only change the speed the pills drop through the main settings rather than by pressing the up button.

So, why play this when Tetris exists?

Well, the main reason for me is the music within the game. Yes, Tetris has the iconic soundtrack. But with Dr. Mario you can choose from 2 virus-related themes (fever and chill).

Other reasons: you're killing germs and the germs all have different faces! Also, the pills break in half if you line up 4 of the other half, which is pretty cool.

So, where can I get it? 

Dr. Mario was originally a NES game but has since been released on arcade machines, the SNES, Game Boy Advanced and now the 3ds marketplace. So go, kill germs and enjoy!


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