Saturday, 26 September 2015

Splatoon gun- Splattershot pro

Range, coverage, special weapon

Speed, sub weapon, damage output

I'm not a big fan of this gun, mainly because it's a little slow for me. Plus the damage output is slightly lacking. Coverage isn't amazing, but the range of the gun makes up for it. I played a few rounds with the splattershot pro and my "Turf Inked" averaged about 600p, which wasn't too bad.

The sub is the traditional splat bomb, which is useful for hitting moving players but not so good for situations where a suction bomb would be better.

The special weapon is the inkstrike, which is a generally good special, but you're vulnerable both before and after the strike, meaning it's less overpowered than it could be (though it's still one of my favourite special weapons).

Rating:  (3/6)