Saturday, 27 August 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7

I got me a shiny new phone. In fact, that is what I'm typing this on!


The main reason I got the s7 was for a better camera. I previously had an s6 so it wasn't a massive leap in technology. The camera is good, but I definitely need to adjust some settings because it seems a bit overexposed but that could just be the lighting in life.


It's an android phone. Not a lot has changed since my 1st android way back when they first became a thing, but the s7 has brought back the clock on sleep which I actually find kinda annoying. They've also brought back the ability to expand the 16gb of storage with a micro sd, which may be something I use or it may be something I completely forget about.


In width and height, the s7 is identical to its predecessor. It's ever so slightly deeper, but the back has been curved a little more so it actually sits in your hand (or hands, if you're like me and have toddler hands) quite nicely without feeling uncomfortable.

Would I have upgraded if I hadn't broken my s6?

The second reason I upgraded from the s6 was that the top speaker had blown. There was minimal sound coming from it even when I had it turned wayyyy up. The s7 top speaker is possibly the loudest thing in the known universe, so I definitely no longer have the same issue but the real question is: would I have got this phone if my s6 was fully functional.

The answer is yes. I mean, had I been able to have my perfectly functioning s6 I may not have thought about upgrading so soon, but I have been considering upgrading for a little while because I like to have nice things and I guess the speaker blowing out just gave me an excuse to do so!
So overall, I like the s7. If you're looking to upgrade then go for it!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Pokemon Go: One month later

I know, I know. Everyone's just about sick of hearing about Pokemon Go. "It's buggy"- yes "It's a waste of time"- No, no it is not. You see, although Pokemon Go is by no means the perfect app, it certainly has a lot going for it. I mean, it's Pokemon but in real life and, as with actual Pokemon, it doesn't like to behave well.

 Do you remember the episode of Pokemon where Ash couldn't even catch a Pidgey? Because I sure do! Pokemon Go is a combination of nostalgia and modernity- and I honestly cannot think of an IP that Nintendo could have used to make a mobile game that isn't Pokemon. Let's get reviewing!

In the beginning

The hype was real. Everyone was downloading the APK for the game (at least, everyone outside of those countries deemed worthy enough to possess Pokemon Go) and playing. People who had previously had little to no interest in the Pokemon series started playing, taking over gyms, spinning Pokestops and catching Pokemon. Then they picked teams- Mystic, Valor or Instinct. These teams were given personality.

Then the servers crashed because too many people were playing the game.

The servers came back, people played more. The sales of external battery packs for mobile phones tripled (probably). The tracking system was working, people were going outside. Some guy quit his job to go find Pokemon (no, really). Everyone was having fun.

Then the servers were hacked. When they came up, the tracking system was broken. But still, people played. People of all ages, all backgrounds, all levels of nerdiness- no matter who they were, they were playing Pokemon Go.

And now

People are still playing, even though it's kinda broken. It is a good mobile game that encourages people to go outside!

My actual and literal thoughts

So I like Pokemon Go, but I think it needs a few tweaks. I don't think Niantic thought it would be as popular as it has been and that's probably why it has had a few teething issues. But, once it's back to tip top shape (or, y'know, the PokeTracker is working again) then I'd certainly give it a shot.

Plus it's FREE (with microtransactions)

Check out my "look at" here:

Monday, 8 August 2016

Bioshock infinite