Saturday, 27 August 2016

Samsung Galaxy S7

I got me a shiny new phone. In fact, that is what I'm typing this on!


The main reason I got the s7 was for a better camera. I previously had an s6 so it wasn't a massive leap in technology. The camera is good, but I definitely need to adjust some settings because it seems a bit overexposed but that could just be the lighting in life.


It's an android phone. Not a lot has changed since my 1st android way back when they first became a thing, but the s7 has brought back the clock on sleep which I actually find kinda annoying. They've also brought back the ability to expand the 16gb of storage with a micro sd, which may be something I use or it may be something I completely forget about.


In width and height, the s7 is identical to its predecessor. It's ever so slightly deeper, but the back has been curved a little more so it actually sits in your hand (or hands, if you're like me and have toddler hands) quite nicely without feeling uncomfortable.

Would I have upgraded if I hadn't broken my s6?

The second reason I upgraded from the s6 was that the top speaker had blown. There was minimal sound coming from it even when I had it turned wayyyy up. The s7 top speaker is possibly the loudest thing in the known universe, so I definitely no longer have the same issue but the real question is: would I have got this phone if my s6 was fully functional.

The answer is yes. I mean, had I been able to have my perfectly functioning s6 I may not have thought about upgrading so soon, but I have been considering upgrading for a little while because I like to have nice things and I guess the speaker blowing out just gave me an excuse to do so!
So overall, I like the s7. If you're looking to upgrade then go for it!

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