Friday, 10 August 2012

Wizard 101

What d'you mean WoW?

Ok, the layout of this game is very World of Warcraft. But what MMORPG isn't these days? There are other problems with it than that similarity.

Not my favourite game...

There are games that you play because they're so bad. Unfortunately for the creators, Wizard 101 doesn't fall into this category- it's downright awful.

Yes, the fact any random person can jump in to help you was a good idea... in principle. Unfortunately, quite a bit of the game relies on the random person being there and they quite often aren't.

The character creation system is way too limited for my liking and it annoyed me.

So, is there anything positive at all?

Well, in my opinion there isn't. This game probably isn't aimed at my age range though, so that might be why. I guess it's a good game for 10-18 year olds or people who enjoy ridiculously complex MMORPGs. (There are too many quests you have to complete all at once)

Sorry for the short review but...

I dislike this game, you might not. Check it out either way. I'll just mention the fact that I only spent a week on it and that was intermittently- I've spent more time on Luigi's Mansion :3


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