Monday, 6 August 2012

Elite Beat Agents

Now, unusually, we have an American game to review. It's got all of the elements of the Japanese game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, but is only really a spiritual sequel. 

Breezin' thru.

At the beginning of the game, two difficulty settings are unlocked. They are your typical "easy" and "hard" difficulty settings but have been re-named "breezin'" and "cruzin'". Now, I've personally completed "easy" but the last song on "normal" mode is actually ridiculously hard- and I love rhythm-based games.

Ah yes, it's a rhythm game. Some people love them; but, as sales of the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series' show, many people adore them. Unlike Guitar Hero, the aim of the game isn't to become a rock star and be famous- it's to save people. As an Elite Beat Agent, you have to dance your way out of sticky situations.

Manly, manly men.

The Elite Beat Agents are part of a secret American organisation sent to save people. Ex-CIA agent, Commander Kahn, leads this group and dispatches them to where they are needed. 

The main reason I love this game is the music itself. There are tracks such as YMCA and Let's Dance which are, I'm happy to admit, exactly the type of music I love :3

Ok, the actual gameplay.

Tappy-tappy-tap right? Yes, Ok, it isn't the most revolutionary gameplay in the universe. But I didn't expect it to be. What is great about the gameplay is the cutscenes you get between certain parts of a song. Basically, if you get a "yes" on the bar for that section the game shows a positive thing happening to the person you are saving and if you get a "no" the opposite happens. Even the end cutscene changes depending on whether you fail or complete the "mission".

The cutscenes are in comic-book style and this makes them awesome in my opinion. 


There are several multiplayer options in this game, which allow up to 4 players. If you play against someone who also owns the game, you will be able to play all of the songs either as a team or in versus mode. However, if you own the game and your friend doesn't then only a few songs will be playable- probably to try ensure that your friend buys the game too!

But it isn't for everyone.

As I've mentioned, not everyone likes rhythm-based games. And if you don't, I really wouldn't suggest you play this game. Also, if you are a casual gamer (like me) you might find the game a little hard- though very rewarding.

Anyway, you'll be hard pushed to find the game (I got my copy from a store called CeX) on the high-street, but there are plenty of copies floating around on the internet, so go for it!


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