Monday, 3 September 2012

Zombie Dice

This is a dice-based game rather than being a video game, but I quite enjoy it.

The premise of the game.

You are a zombie, out to eat brains and try not to get shot. Rolling 3 dice each turn, you score all brains and shots rolled. Your turn ends either when you decide to end it (i.e you have 7 brains and 2 shots, so don't want to risk taking a shot and loosing the brains) or when you reach 3 shots. If you reach 3 shots, your turn ends and you lose all brains you got in the turn. There are also runners on the dice, which you have to re-roll if you decide to roll another three dice.

The components of the game

So, how do you win?

Well, once someone reaches 13 brains the end game begins. Basically, the round that was being played comes to an end and that ends the game. If someone betters the score of the person who began the end game, they win.

Where can I get the game?

Well, online is your best bet because it's actually no longer in print. Some stores such as Inner Sanctum collectibles in Cambridge still stock them, but it really is a limited supply.

We played a few rounds upon buying the game, and it was really fun. So if you can find it, I advise you to get it :3


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