Thursday, 6 September 2012

Triple Town

This is an in-browser game that can be found on both facebook and google+ (it is also now available on iOS and Android). The premise of the game is a simple 'match 3'. The difference between this and other 'match 3' games is that instead of gaining points after you match the items, they combine to make a higher level item. Once you have used up all of the squares available on the board, the level ends.


The games creators, Spryfox, have also made games such as SteamBirds survival and Bunni: how we first met. Each game they have created so far has been of a different genre and Triple Town is their puzzler.

Warning: may contain bears!

Bears are basically the enemy of the game. They wander around the town as you're trying to build it up and the only way to get rid of them is to trap them, which turns each separate bear into a gravestone. Three gravestones make a church, which is worth a fair few points.

There are also Ninja bears, who can teleport between blank spaces on the board and are generally a nuisance.

New(ish) features

Now, I recently re-played Triple Town. They've added new graphics and a better bonus for matching more than three items (they used to just make a prettier item that was worth slightly more).

Anyway, Triple Town is a brilliant game so I suggest you play it! After all, free games are awesome!

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