Thursday, 13 September 2012

Poke MMO

PokeMMO is, obviously, a Pokemon-based MMO game. The idea is that it is based off of FireRed in the Pokemon series.

The login screen

Massively multiplayer.

When I started up PokeMMO, I was shocked to see how many people there were around me. You see, my usual MMORPG of choice is WoW and the world map spreads people around a lot depending on what side they chose to fight for.

So when I'd done the usual (pick a pokemon, deliver a parcel, fight the first gym leader) I began to get battle requests from other online players, which is a big element in the whole "multiplayer" part of the game. There is also in-game chat and a trade area within that chat.

A little buggy.

At the moment, PokeMMO is still in Alpha which means it's a little buggy. For example, the effect for the attack "gust" hasn't been fully implemented. And the old dude who blocks the way in Viridian City has an unnerving tendency to disappear at random moments within the game.

Battling a wild Rattata


Now, unlike in the actual games where a battle will take up the entire screen PokeMMO's battle screen is a small window within the game and you can still see what's going on other than the battle... as long as it's a pokemon battle not a trainer battle.

That's all I have to say about this game, it's a good one though :3

Also, this is my final Thursday review until May. Unless I get bored.


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