Monday, 17 September 2012

Duck Hunt

This week's review is on the NES classic Duck Hunt.

This game, as you may have guessed from its name, is one in which you have to shoot at ducks. These ducks come out two by two and are scared into the air by your dog, who I hate.

Three game modes!

Yes folks, Duck Hunt does indeed have three game modes. There is regular mode (two duck mode) as well as clay pigeon shooting. But, on top of that, there is a slightly more multiplayer-friendly gamemode where, if you have a controller as well as the light gun (or NES zapper) plugged in, one of you can control the duck in order to stop it getting shot and the other can try to shoot the duck. This is "one duck" mode.

The dog

Darn that dog!

Now, the dog seems like a pretty likable character. But he isn't exactly my cup of tea. My reason is that EVERY time you miss more than one duck, he laughs at you. And when you've never played the game before, the laughing can get pretty annoying...

Overall goal?

I guess the overall goal of the game is to shoot as many ducks as possible. You'll have to keep your own record of the scores though. This is a game for those that enjoy a good FPS (or a bad one) or just for gamers in need of respite from other games such as CoD or WoW.

I quite like Duck Hunt. It is very much a fun game and I'd encourage you to play it because I genuinely think you'll find it entertaining.


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