Monday, 24 September 2012

Super Mario bros 3

So I recently got this game to work on my NES (a very temperamental machine) by slamming it into the pins and holding it down until it clicks, so I figured that I should review it before the NES stopped working altogether.

Tanuki suit

So, on the front cover Mario is wearing his Tanuki suit. A Tanuki is a subspecies of Raccoon Dog which is native to Japan.


Unlike Super Mario Bros, the world is mapped out from the start and the player has to move between levels by physically moving Mario. This also allows for special 'bonus' levels where Mario can gain power-ups and coins.

Two player mode is not a lot different to one player, but has changed from the original in that you can play cooperatively rather than separately- if one player completes the level, the other player can then play the next level.

It's a good game, but I wish there were checkpoints between the levels...

Anyway, if you can play it do so, it's a good game.

That's all for this week :3


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