Monday, 1 October 2012

Black Butler: the musical

A while back I did a review on the anime series of Black Butler. I knew about the two musicals that had been produced as a spin-off of sorts, but the English sub of the first musical wasn't complete until fairly recently (and even now it's still a fan sub).

The first musical

Now, there are 2 musicals that I could review but the second musical is still not fully subbed, so I'd be basing my review on the music from the musical as opposed to a combination of the music and the story line.

Story line

The story of the first musical definitely detracts from the main plot line of the series. It takes place just before the circus arc of the manga (which actually isn't in the anime...). The plot is that some Japanese tourists have been killing people in London and Ciel has been asked by the Queen to deal with the issue and take off of them the weapon which causes the killings to happen. Ciel plays host to some upper class Japanese people and hosts a ball, which Grell turns up to. Later, we see Grell again when Sebastian and Ciel are trying to follow a Japanese person. There is a fight scene and we see Grell in his true form. Later we see the Japanese tourists back at the Phantomhive manor, where one of the family plays his flute and a member of the party reveals himself as a higher class of demon. The higher class demon then helps against the monsters summoned by the flute. Some people die and Ciel completes his mission.


My favourite song in this musical is Black or Red, the song which Sebastian and Grell duet. In this musical, the man playing Grell was rather unwell for the recording of the song but he still manages to sing it quite well.

There are other good songs, but none really are at the same level- but the songs in the second musical, which I will review when it is fully subbed, are awesome.

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