Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The tale of Will the Reaper (Black Butler OVA)

Now, although I have reviewed the Black Butler anime previously, I feel that this OVA deserves a review all to itself. The reason for this is that it's just brilliant!

Grell and Will

Now, as all Black Butler fans know, Grell and Will have a masochistic relationship (i.e. Will is mean to Grell and Grell likes it) and in this OVA we learn how it all began. The story is based around them having to work together for their final Shinigami test so they can become fully fledged Reapers.

A-student Grell is not pleased that he has to work with B-grade Will.
Grell has a grade A average and is less than pleased when he gets paired with straight B Will. He shows this quite often in the OVA, but he also becomes infatuated with Will after being forced back by his manly strength.


They have to work together to see if a writer, Thomas, is worthy of escaping death- if him living would make a big enough impact on society, that is. The plot moves forwards well, with a couple of fighting scenes from the duo. Ultimately, it results in the duo passing their exam and Will being in Grell's debt.

They have to decide the fate of a young writer.

Overall thoughts

I honestly believe that they could have made a series from this OVA and am kinda disappointed that they didn't. I would definitely recommend it- either to those that like Black Butler or those who are looking to get into it. It's so good, as a matter of fact, that it made a friend of mine feel happy about the series after he finished watching season 2 of BB- quite a hard task.


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