Monday, 29 July 2013

Don't Starve

I've been wanting to get my hands on this game since it was in Beta, but I just don't have money... ever. So it was a nice surprise when, as part of a birthday present, a friend bought this for me.

The game's principle

In Don't Starve, you have to survive. There are three main aspects to the survival of your character; sanity, food and health. If you don't eat then you have no way to refresh your health bar (much like in Minecraft) and you'll slowly starve. If you go insane, you start having visions of evil monsters- the more insane you get, the more real these visions become until they can even start attacking you!

Art and music

This game has a very Tim Burton-esque art style, especially where the characters are concerned. The landscape is nicely hand drawn and this adds to the awesome atmosphere of the game. The music changes depending on the time of day, as well as the level of sanity/food/health you have. It's nice music, if a little repetitive.

Overall view of the game

This game is pretty cool and the art style really brings it to life. I enjoy the game and it's nice that you find out how long you survived for- you can aim to beat it as a sort of mini-game. If you like Minecraft but prefer the survival aspect, I'd suggest you check this game out!


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