Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Board game week day three: Ticket to Ride Europe

What d'you mean I get far too much inspiration from Tabletop??? It's not my fault, my local board game shop plasters advertisements for that webshow on every board game they're selling that has been featured on Tabletop! However, I decided that the Europe version of Ticket to Ride, being cheaper and having slightly fairer rules than the original game, was the one I wanted to spend my hard earned cash on.

How the game works

Each player gets trains, stations and train cards to use within the game. Any time you place a train, you get points- with these points increasing depending on the length of the train you place. You also get route cards to fulfil, which get you points at the end of the game (as does having the longest route in a straight line). Every turn, you can either grab new train cards, place trains, or get route cards. The game ends on the round where the amount of trains a player has left gets below 4, with a final round ending on that player's turn. The winner is the player that scores the most points (genius, right!)

Playing with friends

Now, as you may imagine, this game isn't exactly a one-player game- therefore you must play with people. I'd advise you do this with friends, though I haven't actually tried to randomly pull people off the street to play with. However, when you have friends that usually card horde (which is entirely possible in Ticket to Ride) and suddenly play ALL of the cards, it's quite fun. The route cards help you change things up (though for some odd reason, I always get Russia) and allow you to make ridiculously long routes.

My view of the game

This is certainly one of the more fun games I've played and it allows you to spend time with friends and maybe even learn a little about geography! And you don't have to be a train nerd to find this game fun, which is always brilliant!


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