Saturday, 27 July 2013

Board game week day six (1 of 2): Cthulu dice

A game of insanity, Cthulu and awesomeness- this is a fast-paced game which you can play again and again.

How the game works

You start off with three sanity counters. If a player keeps at least one sanity, they are the winner of the game, but if no player keeps a single sanity then Cthulu wins. You roll a d12 every turn, which will end up in you rolling one of five symbols. You can target another player with these, who can then respond. The five symbols are as follows:

  • Yellow sign- your target loses one sanity to Cthulu.
  • Tentacle- you gain one of your target's sanity
  • Elder sign- you gain one sanity from Cthulu
  • Cthulu- everyone loses one sanity to Cthulu
  • Eye- choose any result from the above

My view of the game

I love this fast-paced game, especially the way people can turn on each other quickly. The game is brilliant and easy to play. If you see it, get it, it's quite a lot of fun!


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