Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Board game week day two: Star Fluxx

This is yet another game I found through Tabletop (all praise Wil Wheaton), though it is a much more recent acquisition than Settlers of Catan.

The rules of the game

Star Fluxx, as with all variants of Fluxx, starts off with two main rules- you draw and play one card each turn. You start off with a hand of three cards- but if any are Creeper cards you have to play them immediately and draw a new card for each Creeper (these mean you can only win if the Goal contains the Creeper).

There are five types of cards in Star Fluxx:

  • New Rule cards, which put a new rule (such as Draw 4 or play all) into play.
  • Action cards, which allow players to do one-time things such as steal cards or eliminate rules.
  • Keeper cards, which help players reach the goal.
  • Creeper cards, which prevent the player from winning unless the goal or a new rule states otherwise.
  • Goal cards, which show the Keepers/Creepers needed to win.
My view of the game

With the ever-changing rules of Star Fluxx, this game has an excellent level of replayability. I love the little references to shows and films such as Dr. Who, Star Wars and Star Trek that are within the game and if you're even slightly a sci-fi nerd you'll definitely enjoy this game as much as I do.


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