Sunday, 28 July 2013

Board Game week day seven: Castle Panic

And for the final game of Board Game week, we have Castle Panic. This is a fast-paced tower defence game which can even be played alone!

Ways to play

There are three different ways to play Castle Panic: overlord, teamwork and master slayer. Overlord is where one player is the enemy, letting out all of the orcs, goblins etc. and setting them out onto the battlefield. With the teamwork version of the game, players work together to ensure the survival of the castle and to stop the enemy destroying the castle. Master slayer is a variant of the teamwork model where players still work together, but whoever gets the most kills goes down in history as the saviour of the castle.

How the game works

This is a 2-6 player game. Each player gains a certain amount of cards which can help in the defence of the castle, depending on both the amount of players as well as which way you are playing. Every turn, the monsters move closer to the castle and 2 monster cards are drawn (if you're playing overlord, the overlord player draws up to three and plays 2 after every player's turn). The game is lost if all of the inner tower is destroyed, but it is won if at least one tower remains after all of the monster cards have been played out.

My view of the game

We played this game with each variant and I really enjoyed it. The overlord variant gives an increased air of panic to the game, and the master slayer variant creates competition in the game.

I really liked this game and playing it was very fun!


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