Thursday, 25 July 2013

Board game week day four: King of Tokyo

Yes, another game from the wonderful Wil Wheaton's Tabletop! This time, however, I played it with one friend and a couple of random dudes whilst I was at London's MCM Expo (or Comic Con, whatever you want to call it).

Basic rules of the game

You start off as one of six monsters wrestling for control of the City of Tokyo. As with Settlers of Catan, you win by gaining victory points (20 this time)- these are gained by rolling dice, taking over Tokyo (one point) or remaining in Tokyo (2 points for each of your turns). Every turn you roll dice, upon which are symbols and numbers. A combination of three of the same number gains you that number's worth of Victory Points and each dice of the same number scores you one extra point. The symbols on the dice are hearts, lightning and claws- if you roll a claw whilst you're in Tokyo, you hit every player- if you're not in Tokyo, you hit the player that is in Tokyo and they can yield Tokyo to you. Rolling a claw early in the game when Tokyo is not under control means you enter Tokyo! Hearts heal any damage dealt to you, but you cannot heal when within Tokyo.

You get three roll steps and choose which cards to reroll and which cards to keep, which you can change if you need to.

Power cards

Rolling the lightning symbol allows you to get power, which can later be spent on power cards. These give you some awesome abilities such as Eater of the Dead which means you gain 3 power every time someone's monster reaches 0 health. These cards can completely change the game, so you have to be careful when you play them.

My view of the game

I really enjoyed this game, especially with the Japan aspect of it. Thankfully, I was playing the game with people who took risks with their rolls rather than being wimpy about it, so it was quite a lot of fun.

This game is awesome and should be played by anyone who enjoys board games.


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