Saturday, 27 July 2013

Board Game week day six (2 of 2): Hotel

This is a game I remember from my childhood as being one of the very few games I'd nearly always win against my siblings. It's a game from the 1980s that has several aspects which anyone who has played Monopoly will find rather familiar.

Playing the game

At the beginning of the game, the board is blank- a development site ready for you to build your hotels upon. You can buy the deed to the property by landing next to it, but development relies on the property die- if you don't get permission to build on your turn, you have to wait until the next turn to build. Each hotel has its own set amount of buildings (ranging from just the one to five) and a recreational facility that goes with it. After at least one building is on the property, the player can build entrances- these can be built on any square next to the property, but you can only have one entrance on each square of the board. If a player lands on an entrance, they spend a night in the hotel and have to pay the owner of that hotel a fee. If they can't afford the fee, they have to sell an undeveloped property at auction. Once a player has no properties or money, they are out of the game. The trick is to buy the hotels and build at least one building, then build as many entrances as possible (that's what always worked for me) so that people are made to pay you money more often.

My opinion of the game

Although this game seems very much as if it is based on luck (with dice rolls for movement and to determine whether or not your development of a hotel is successful) it does contain an element of skill. However, the setting up of the game can be a little slow as you have to put together the buildings- an element of the game that could, perhaps, be done without. Overall, I really love this game and it's actually relatively cheap to buy new bits for, so if you see it around I suggest you snap it up.


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