Friday, 8 February 2013

Prison Architect

Having seen many people play this game on YouTube, I thought I'd give it a play myself.

The concept of the game

You are a prison architect, there to oversee the building and running of a prison. There are three types of prisoner- low, medium and maximum security. Each prisoner comes with their own criminal background- some may just committed their first offence whereas others may have added another crime to a long list.

The prisoners also tend to fight a lot, so I'd suggest a high guard to prisoner ratio to prevent this.

Beginning the game

You start off with not a lot of money, so I'd suggest you get the grants and do the goals set by them to gain money. Once you've got a holding cell and a few other necessities, you're pretty much ready for your first influx of prisoners, but I'd suggest you build cells as quickly as possible to minimize the risk of fights.

The goal

As of yet, the game is still in Alpha and doesn't have a goal to it- though I'd say the goal is to build a functioning prison.


To help you along your way, you unlock staff (through bureaucracy), starting with the prison warden. Obviously, you also have builders and need cooks, guards and doctors to keep the place running.

Overall thoughts

Though this game is still technically in development, I'd say it's doing pretty well. I think you should get it before the price goes up as it's currently $30 for the base pack- a wee bit pricey in my opinion!

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