Monday, 25 February 2013

Justin Smith's Realistic Summer Sports Simulator

This is a fun little free to play game that I found here. It's entirely mouse based and can be a little tricky. It's basically an olympic game, with events such as the Javelin and Hammer throw.


As I've mentioned, the game is entirely mouse-based. You either move the character or an object (such as an arrow or pole) with the mouse. Some events are easier to get a grasp on than others, with my best event probably being the high jump.


You can compete in 15 events:  Javelin, 100 Meter Dash, Equestrian, Diving, Rowing, Racewalking, Pole Vault, High Jump, Archery, Swimming, Cycling, Weightlifting, Gymnastic Rings, Hammer Throw and Whitewater Kayak. These events tend to be easy, but things like weightlifting and the hammer throw have a certain amount of expertise to them. Basically, some people will be better at sports such as diving whereas others will excel in the equestrian event.

Overall thoughts

Overall, this is a fun little game- especially when you're playing with friends. The game can have up to four players and each player can choose a country to compete for, making it interesting to say the least.


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