Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Minecraft Pocket Edition (Demo)

Looking around the Android store (or google play as it titles itself) I noticed the Minecraft Pocket Edition demo sitting in the 'top free' section of the games bit. I decided that I'd download it, knowing nothing of its bad reputation.

Alpha build

I was playing the game and noticed a lack of crafting (which, in a game called Minecraft you'd think would be imperative) along with the presence of only 2 mobs (sheep and zombies, oh so many zombies). I have since been told that this design reflects the original Minecraft Alpha. Now, I know developing a game for multiple platforms isn't the easiest thing in the world, but surely they could've at least put in skeletons. 

The only (in game) days I spent playing

My first day was spent mining, because the game gives you an unlimited pickaxe and torches. What I didn't realise is that it also gives you an unlimited amount of wood and doors, making my efforts to find a material with which I could build a home rather pointless. I started to build my cobblestone block of a house about 5 minutes before the sun went down.

That night, on a desert island I could see, there was a zombie beach party. I know mobs spawn where it's dark, but there were more zombies than could actually fit on the island (some were already in the sea by the time I poked my head out from behind my door. I was bored, so I used my unlimited wood to build a bridge over to the island.

Killing the zombies with just my fists was quite fun, though I'd have loved a sword (they're only available in the full game). I eventually killed the vast majority of them (I left the ones in the water alone because they left me alone) but some were alive on the island. As the sun rose, they died, but there was no fire. 

After my adventures on (and lighting up of) Zombie Island, I went for a swim that took me to the next night. More zombies, no way of regaining health and only my speed could hold off the swarm following me home. I didn't die, but I did quit the game as I realised that this wasn't as much fun as the PC version I already own.


The controls are touch screen- you hit the screen once to place a block and hold it to destroy one. You get a ghost of the block you're going to place, which is a nice little feature but the lack of crafting still saddens me somewhat.

Overall, it's not the worst android game I've ever played, but it could do with updating.


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