Sunday, 27 January 2013

Pirates of the Caribbean 1- The Curse of the Black Pearl

Recently, I had a discussion with a friend about Pirates of the Caribbean and how he used it in teaching Geography (yes, really) and then by some strange coincidence it was playing on BBC so I decided to watch it again.


Within the first half hour or so, the main characters are introduced. I love the way that they are too! This film doesn't bother with too much back story and instead plunges the watcher into a scene where the young Elizabeth Swann is singing. We quickly meet some important characters who are to play a major role in the film, with Jack Sparrow (sorry, Captain Jack Sparrow) being my favorite.

Elizabeth- the daughter of Governor Swann, she's rather beautiful and quite fancies Will Turner.
Will- a blacksmith's assistant, little is known about his past except that he might be a pirate.
Jack- a pirate, he aspires to get his ship back and find his heart's desire.
Barbossa- the evil guy, basically.
Norrington- he was kinda old when Elizabeth was young and wants to marry her.

These are our five main characters, and we stay with them for the entire film.


The plot is quite brilliant. I won't spoil anything for the minority who haven't seen it, but I really do love the plot. It's well written, well acted and doesn't annoy me. Which is hard for a film to pull off!

Overall thoughts

I love this film and most other people agree. In fact I like all Pirates films, even the fourth... Kinda.

Anyway, that's all for this week. I'll be putting up pt.2 of my MaB Warband review next week.

Ciao for now


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