Monday, 24 December 2012

Tokyo Godfathers

Because today is Christmas Eve, I've decided to review something that fits in with the festive season. Tokyo Godfathers is a Christmas themed anime-film that came out in 2003.

The basic plot

There are 3 homeless characters- Gin, a middle-aged alcoholic; Hana, a transwoman and former drag queen and Miyuki, a runaway. They are going through the trash one day when they hear a cry and find a baby. Hana wants to keep it at first, but the trio eventually set off on a journey to try and find the parents of the child.


There seems to be a running theme of "coincidence" within Tokyo Godfathers. Movie critic George Peluranee notes that "Tokyo Godfathers is a film that shows the small yet significant ties that each of us have with supposed strangers, and tells well the story of miracles, family, love, and forgiveness".


Although the Japanese only really celebrate Christmas in the commercial sense, this film really focuses on the aspect of family, love and hope. Hana, for example, never knew her true mother and was brought up by the owner of a drag club. Gin hasn't been in contact with his daughter for years, but he longs to see her- even if she turns him away. Miyuki has run away from home and fears getting caught, but she soon realises that all she really wants is to be at home with her family.

Gin and Miyuki try to convince Hana to let the baby go.

Overall opionion

I really enjoyed Tokyo Godfathers- as a film and as an anime. It's fun, kooky and the kind of film you want to watch at Christmas because it doesn't focus on any myths (i.e. Santa).

I advise you to give it a watch, even if it isn't at Christmas time.


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