Monday, 31 December 2012

Forsaken World

My friends and I have been thinking about playing an MMORPG for a while, and this is the one that we chose.

As with WoW, there are several races to choose from- including Elf, Dwarf, Vampire and human. I usually play an Elf in an MMO because I think they're pretty- in WoW it's Blood Elf, for those that are interested.

So I built my character- an Elf Warrior named CptScarlett- and entered the game.

Beginning quests

As with most games, the first quests are there to teach you the game. Annoyingly, until recently, I believed that once you'd left the Elf starting area you couldn't return (that's how the storyline goes) but I recently found out you can... which is a bit of a bummer.

The first quests are fetch quests, where you essentially grind until you have enough levels that the game feels it's OK for you to go into the big wide world. It's a little irritating, but once I'd discovered that most quests allow you to auto route I was pretty happy.

Freedom Harbour

This is the central area, so to speak, of the game. Yes, there are other shops and quest givers out there, but after your beginning quests I suggest you get to know the town- especially Henry!


Combat, as with most MMOs, is skill-based. Even as a warrior I often use up the vast majority of my mana, if not all of it. This can be a little annoying, as you want all of the skills slots free for skills but also need mana pretty much constantly- I usually just leave my bag open, because apparently you can do that in combat.

The creatures you fight aren't all that original and they tend to die too quickly for my liking... The only ones that pose any real challenges are the boss fights, which I don't suggest you attempt on your own.

Overall view

Being what it is- a post WoW coming out MMO- it isn't actually that bad. It's free, which is nice, and it updates fairly regularly with new content. The problem I have is that there are far too many fetch quests, and quite a lot of these tend to come from the same person- but you aren't always near them once you've done the quest. Give it a go- I'm not its greatest fan, but it may be your MMO.

Also, have a happy new year!


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