Monday, 17 December 2012

Rise of the Guardians

It's been a while since I reviewed a film- either due to a lack of money or just a lack of good films, but I recently saw Rise of the Guardians at the cinema.

Although primarily a children's film, I really quite enjoyed it. The characters were fairly well written and there was humor that pretty much any age could enjoy.

The "Guardians" comprise of Santa (North), the Easter bunny, the Sand man and the Tooth fairy. Later, a mischievous rogue known as Jack Frost joins them- at first he doesn't really trust them.
Because it's a Dreamworks film, you expect it to all be happy- it mostly is, but there are dark elements. I mean, the idea of Night Mares (as in horses) isn't a new one, but the way they're portrayed would probably have scared me if I were about 11.

There are some corny moments and bad choices on the part of the characters, but overall it's a good film and even manages to stay away from the religious aspects of Easter and Christmas- a skill  to say the least.

My favourite character has to be Jack Frost. The idea that he is this rebel without a cause appeals to me and the way he and the bad guy (the boogeyman) have similar personalities that clash made me really enjoy the film. The film is really a journey of self-discovery for Jack, who knows nothing of his past and the reason he's the way he is. His roguish good looks make him appeal to the Tooth Fairy and her many fairies, probably because of his perfect teeth and "white as tooth" hair.

Overall, I think this was a good film- even if it did do some corny things. Every film writer must have been livid that this wasn't their idea. Yes, it's a holiday themed film, but it isn't lovey-dovey or over focused on Christmas or the family ideals that come with it, so it's a film you'll probably enjoy.


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