Thursday, 29 November 2012

LoL Champion spotlight: Shyvana

Though she's supposedly one of the harder Champions in League of Legends to play, I really fell in love with Shyvana. 

A couple of days after I started playing LoL, they rotated the "free" champions (technically they're all free, but you use points that you gain in-game to buy them). None of them really caught my eye, apart from Shyvana. Half-human half-dragon, this is not a Champion to mess around with, and she's handily both ranged and non-ranged, making her quite flexible to play as.

People tend to play Shyvana as a Jungler, because her abilities are useful to gain buffs for and with, but I prefer plonking her into straight combat- where she can shine.

Her abilities are Twin Bite, Burnout, Flame Breath and Dragon's Descent. I tend to go Burn, Flame, Burn, Bite, Descent because Burnout is an ability that not only combos well with becoming a dragon (that's what Dragon's Descent does) but also helps in general combat.

If you're a high enough level Summoner (which you probably will be by the time you can afford to buy Shyvana from the store), you'll want to take Flash and Ignite to compliment Shyvana's other abilities. I tend to build Shyvana AP, but others prefer AD. To build her the way I do, you must first take boots of speed and 3 health potions, then move on to the Ionian boots of Lucidity, Rod of ages and Rabadon's Deathcap. The final items you'll want to take are Rylai's Crystal scepter and the abyssal scepter. Obviously, take other items as they're needed.

I hope you enjoyed the spotlight!

See you soon for another


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