Monday, 26 November 2012

League of Legends

I don't play too many co-operative online games, because I hate having to rely on other people, so when a friend suggested I play League of Legends I was a little skeptical.

Pretty, pretty game

Like WoW and other online games, League of Legends (or LoL) has really had some effort put into it. Though the basis of the game is relatively simple, with it basically being a better "capture the flag" game than, for instance, Team Fortress 2, the system and scenery of the game really helped me to get into LoL.

Ashe is the first Champion you'll play as


There are two versions of the game, but as I've only played the standard "capture the flag" style mode, that will be the one I talk about.

You start off by learning the basics with a champion named Ashe. Ashe is a ranged champion, who's weapon is a pretty kickass bow. Champions have 4 main abilities aside from their 2 spells and normal attacks. Most abilities level up every time you ding, but your ultimate (or ulti) levels up at level 6, 11 and 16. Ashe's ulti is a bit hit and miss, but there are Champions out there with awesome ultimate abilities.

Minions can be really useful


Minions are there to help in LoL, they fight other Minions and even help take down the opposing team's turrets (and sometimes Champions, when the players are being stupid). If you destroy an enemy's inhibitor, your team will spawn Super Minions for a short time, this makes it easier to "push lanes" and get to the enemy's base.

More on the game can be found here.

Overall, I feel LoL is a fun game. For a few months I'll be doing weekly LoL champion spotlights as well as my usual reviews, so keep an eye out.

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