Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Top 3 of 2013

Hello and welcome to my top 3 list of videogames of 2013!

The reason it's a top 3 and not a top 5 is because I played a lot less games which were released this year than I thought ^_^

These will, of course, only be games I've actually played this year- which, as it turns out, isn't a huge list anyway.

3- Dungeonland

This is such a brilliant game to play with friends- both as the Dungeon Master and as a player. You can spend ages racking up xp, or you can just jump into games as the DM and ruin your friends day!

The reason this is number three is that it's a good enough game to get into my top 3, but I feel that there are some aspects of the game that could be improved- such as the time it takes for you to regain the ability to place enemies as the DM.

2- Ni No Kuni

As someone who quite avidly plays JRPGs, I decided to buy this game. I wasn't disappointed. With art from Studio Ghibli and a brilliant storyline, Ni No Kuni is one of those games I think I can play again and again.

This is number two because I feel like the game is very good, but it doesn't do a lot to differ from other JRPGs. Also, the storyline- though brilliant- is very strange.

1- Pokemon X

Yes, my number one is a Pokemon game. This is the only game that I've played this year (that was released this year) that genuinely made me feel like a bag of emotion. Yes, the main storyline may not be the best storyline in history, but it made me feel sad at just the right moments- a huge feat for a Pokemon game.

Pokemon X is, in my opinion, an awesome game and the bugs in it didn't really affect my gameplay (apart from the lag, but I can live with that). The Pokemon company and Nintendo tried something new here, and I honestly believe that they did a great job!

Normal reviews will resume next week.


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