Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Super Scribblenauts

A combination of puzzles, action and platforming, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Super Scribblenauts is trying to do too much. However, the game manages to combine those three elements very well and ends up being both fun and challenging.

When I bought Super Scribblenauts, I felt like a child at Christmas- I rushed home to play it and was in sheer delight from the beginning of the game.

Super Scribblenauts, unlike its predecessor, allows you to use adjectives. This may not seem like much, but it can be the difference between a friendly, obedient Kraken (other monsters are available) who obeys all of your orders, and an evil Kraken who destroys everyone- including you!

In the game, you play as Maxwell, a kid with a rooster head and a magical notebook. His job is to use his magical notebook to solve various, ever trickier, puzzles and gain Starites. There is also a boss fight at the end of the game, where you use what you have learned to defeat your evil doppleganger.

The game also has a level editor, which allows you to create various levels- including playgrounds and adventure missions. Playgrounds allow you to play your way, testing word combinations (such as Pink Kraken) or find new words for Ollars, the main currency in the game. Ollars are used to purchase in-game abilities such as avatars and hints, and they are earned by finding new words, completing missions and following all objectives (e.g. no weapons).

Overall, I really enjoyed Super Scribblenauts. The way the levels increase in difficulty meant that the game continued to be challenging, and even now I still go back to try and complete levels using new methods. It's super cheap now too, so I'd pick it up if you can!


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