Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Board Game Review: Tsuro

My little sister recently turned 7, and I decided that rather than buying her yet another video game or Princess/Fairy toy that she's bound to grow out of, I'd get her a board game.

I spent about half an hour dithering in the game store I frequent (Wargames Workshop, if you want to know) until I had 2 games to choose from- either Dobble (a matching game) or Tsuro. Reminding myself that Dobble was a) paper, which means my younger brother could destroy it easily and b) basically snap, I went for Tsuro- a truly unique game.

The principle of the game

Tsuro has a rating of 8+, but it's quite simple to understand- so simple, as a matter of fact, that of the 4 players we had, the 5 year old won. The game is about the path to enlightenment, and to win you have to make the paths in such a way that you don't fall off but your opponents do. It's a relatively quick little game, meaning that it holds the attention of those playing it for long enough. I quite enjoyed playing Tsuro, and I think my sister was happy with it as a present- it's something she can play with friends relatively easily!

So, is it worth my money?

For £25, you get a nice board, some tiles and plastic markers to use as playing pieces. You also get what I think is a brilliant game, so I'd say it's worth it.


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