Monday, 7 October 2013

Board Game Review: Love Letter

Do you like board games yet find that there just isn't the time to sit and play one in your lunch break? If so, then Love Letter may be just the game you are looking for!

Players fight for the affection of the beautiful Princess.

The story in the game

A Princess is upset because her mother has been imprisoned so, in a bid to cheer her up, eligible members of society have been wooing the Princess in order to try and win her heart. They have been sending her love letters via various members of the court, and whoever knows the person closest to the Princess is most likely to win her heart (and the game).

How to play the game

This is a very simple game. It involves cards and cubes- thirteen of each. Every card has a number value and an effect, which applies when you discard the card onto the table. Some cards are bad for other people, whereas others can be bad for you (for example, the Princess- if you discard her, you're out of that round). Each player starts with one card, then on their turn they draw. One card must be discarded, then the rules from that card apply. The round ends either when all cards have been drawn (in which case, the player with the highest value card wins) or when all but one player are out of the round (in which case, the only player left wins). The game ends when someone has 5 cubes- this means they win.

Overall thoughts

As a 2-4 player game which lasts less than half an hour, this is a good game to just pull out (whether between classes, at lunch or just during a board game night) and play. The rules are simple to pick up, meaning that it could be a nice introduction to board gaming, and the price isn't too bad either!


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