Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Board game review: Escape (the curse of the temple)

This game is a fun, fast-paced dice roller that tests both teamwork and your own ability. It's an "escape the room" style game where either everyone wins, or everyone loses.

Yes, the front of the box does make it look like a board game version of the popular iOS game Temple Run, but in reality it's anything but!
In Escape, you have to get out of the temple before time runs out. If even one player is left behind, everyone loses. Getting through rooms involves a lot of dice rolling- so make sure you have a reasonably sizable table to play this game on!

When playing Escape, you have to keep track of what all the players are doing. One side of the dice has a black face, which locks that dice and prevents it from being re-rolled. The only way to counter a locked down dice is with a gold face, which can unlock up to 2 locked dice of the same player. If a player ends up locking all of their dice, they're going to need some help from their teammates- who have to be in the same room as them to unlock them!

Another aspect of the game is the sand timer- if someone doesn't get to the centre of the temple before this timer runs out, they lose a dice- and dice are, as you can probably tell, a pretty fundamental aspect of this game. 

I genuinely loved this game, and it's quite an easy one to just pick up and play- I was playing it with three people I'd never met before, so it's not one of those games where you need to know everything about those you're playing it with, which is nice!

Overall thoughts

If you like board games, or are trying to get into them, I'd definitely say this is worth a shot. It's also pretty reasonably priced for a board game, and getting through the other side of the temple really makes you feel great!


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