Monday, 9 September 2013


This is one of many games that I've wanted to play because I watched someone online playing it- in this case, it was TotalBiscuit's playthrough of Dungeonland that made me NEED this game. And why wouldn't I?

The idea of being a Dungeon Master has always appealed to me, but I couldn't be bothered with all the intricate plot lines and different endings that can come with a self-written campaign- even if your campaign starts in a dungeon there are multiple paths your players might take. In Dungeonland, your players choose their class, weapon/spells and buffs, then they're dropped into a dungeon for you to torture.

Of course, alongside Dungeon Master mode, there is also the option for you to be a player- either with one of your friends as DM (much more fun) or the AI. The game allows for up to four players including the DM and you can, if you really want, all be the same class.

Available classes

The classes in Dungeonland are simple, you can be either a Mage (spells), Rogue (ranged) or Warrior (DPS). The game mechanics are simple enough, with a point-and-shoot method of attacking, alongside two buttons that do everything else (Q and F). Special abilities can be changed depending on the class of the player and buffs can be bought by using gold that you gain in dungeons.

Dungeonland concept art.

DM mode

As the DM your role is to try and kill the players until they run out of hearts. If they do, you win- if they survive with at least one heart in tact, you lose. You have an arsenal of creatures and traps, as well as the ability to possess creatures, which should all help you on your path to victory. But be careful, if you run out of mana too quickly by buying too many expensive creatures, you'll have to wait until the players enter the next area until you can attack them again.

Different dungeons

There are a few different dungeons in this game and I suggest you give them all a go on singleplayer before you play with friends- this way, not only will you kinda know the dungeon, but you'll have some gold to buy new weapons or a new buff.

Overall thoughts

Dungeonland is a brilliant game and one you can play for a long time. If you're into multiplayer games that involve fun, sheep and death, this is a game you'll probably enjoy!


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