Sunday, 15 September 2013

Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition

Unusually for me, I found this game quite tricky to play. Yes, the mechanics are all sound, but the tutorial isn't the best and it wasn't until a friend and I played it together that I properly understood how the heck this game works. He recommends that anyone thinking of playing Blood Bowl watches TotalBiscuit's playthrough to get a grip on the game.

Blood Bowl is one of those sports games where you have to control each and every player individually, using these movements to strategically plan your defence or offence (depending on which side has the ball). If you're playing against the AI, you'll get used to the way certain races play- for example, humans have an odd tendency to make boxes of people around the player who has the ball. I like playing as either Lizardmen or Elves because Lizardmen have quite a good balance of different players and Elves are fast little guys!

Once I'd got to grips with the game, I really started to enjoy it and maybe soon I'll start playing online! Which brings me to my next point- there are a lot of different ways to play Blood Bowl- both online and offline. In single player, the choices are; the Tutorial, Exhibition Matches, beginning a Campaign, beginning a Competition and Story Mode. The multiplayer options are much more simple- you can either play via LAN, the internet or hotseat- for those of us who happen to have their friends over!

I do enjoy this game, but I really suggest you watch TB's video on the basics of the game before playing the tutorial, as it's really rather informative.

Anyway, I'm off to play a bit more of this game.

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