Monday, 2 September 2013

Board Game Review: Ladies & Gentlemen.

This is an interesting little game for 4-10 players. It has many different aspects which work well together, without making the game feel like there's too much going on.

It's a nice game- both for people who play board games on a regular basis and those that shy away from the idea of board gaming. It may seem dull, but when you have a grown man begging his "husband" to buy him a pretty dress, new levels of comedy ensue.

How you play the game

You pair off- one of you is a lady, the other a gentleman (if there are an odd number of players there is a courtesan, which adds a whole new level to the game). The ladies' job is to buy clothing for a ball at the end of the week. The gentlemen have to make enough money at the stock market to buy these clothes. Each turn is a "day". Every day, there are new items in the store for the ladies to buy and the stock market is refreshed. If you have a courtesan in play, she plays as a normal lady but tries to get the husbands to spend money on her rather than their wife. Each woman needs a dress to be able to attend the ball, and anything else just counts towards your final score- including servants. Servants can improve items, and can therefore turn what seems to be a loosing set of items into the winning one.

Gossip cards

I've never actually played with gossip cards, because they seem like too much hassle. I've no idea what they do, but I know they'd make the game longer.

My overall thoughts

This is a cool, kooky game set in the Victorian era- my favourite era in history. The game plays well and it's actually surprisingly exciting to be a man in. It's quite cheap and the ability to have so many people playing the game really make it stand out from the crowd- a must have for any fan of Victorian history or just someone that enjoys board games.


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