Monday, 10 June 2013

PS4 vs Xbox One

Both Sony and Microsoft seem to be attempting to re-ignite the console wars with their new consoles. With Microsoft trying to make their console that one gadget you need and Sony taking more of a social-based focus, this generation really does look like it's shaping up to be an interesting one.

The PS4 seems like it's going to be a generally good console, but with the focus on social aspects such as live streaming it's hard to see exactly where Sony are going with regards to actual gaming. If you focus on the tech demos as seen in there announcement show, it's obvious that the PS4 is going to be a much more powerful console than its predecessor- a fact that the game developers brought in by Sony seemed to latch on to. Another great feature of the PS4 in contrast to the Xbox one is that you don't always have to be online- in fact, an internet connection isn't necessary at all.

Now, I'm not a massive fan of either Sony or Microsoft, but the fact that both companies have decided that their new consoles won't have backwards compatibility annoys me, as a gamer. Half of the reason you buy a new console is because you're then able to play the games you've spent a few years collecting on it- thus allowing you to trade in your old console towards the exceedingly high costs of the new generation.

This also shows a major flaw in Microsoft's plan to have their new console be the only gadget you have- if it isn't backwards compatible, you still need your Xbox 360 to allow you to play older games. Yes, the Xbox one has some great new features- such as a new, shiny Blu-ray drive (though this is only new for Microsoft's consoles), an awesome CPU and quite a large hard drive, but there are so many negatives. The fee of up to RRP for used games, alongside the need to be always on and the kinect (a nice sounding gimmick, but it seems a little creepy to have the kinect watching you constantly) makes me personally opposed to the idea of buying Microsoft's next console, unless it is drastically (and I mean like £300) cheaper than the PS4- because ultimately, if they're the same or a similar price, on the basis of not always having to be online alone, for me the PS4 is a better console.

You may draw a different conclusion than I have, but I genuinely don't see any differences between the PS4 and Xbox one other than the used game fee, the always online aspect and the kinect staring at you whilst you watch TV, all features I would avoid, so I feel the PS4 is the more buyable console.


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