Monday, 3 June 2013

Little Inferno

This is yet another creepy-edged little indie game that is easy to pick up and play, no matter how "hardcore" or not you are with regards to gaming. The game has a nicely creepy theme song and an art style to match and the achievements are relatively simple to work out.


A nice little point n burn game, the gameplay is relatively simple but the game more than makes up for this in its Tim Burton-esque art style and storyline. You basically set fire to stuff, that's it! Though combos are a very fun part of the game.

Art style

The art style is quite pretty and definitely very Burton-y, with a slight Plants vs Zombies feel to it. I personally adore the art and feel that it adds real depth to the game.


The plot makes sense, which is always nice, but that doesn't stop Little Inferno from being one of the most eerie games I've ever played (seriously, you need to psyche yourself up or the surprise that comes could put you off of the game)

Overall opinion

I really liked playing Little Inferno, but I felt it could've been easier in parts- but maybe I'm just a wuss XD

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