Monday, 24 June 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

This game is totally adorable in every way and I just love it!

Having never played previous Animal Crossing games, I was a little apprehensive about playing New Leaf- after all, I'm a twenty-something year old and this is a game that is very much aimed at children. However, I've played it every day since I created my character and I can't see myself stopping anytime soon.

The Game

You are a new mayor, taking control of a little town (you get to name it) after the previous mayor, Tortimer, retired to a tropical island. You start off living in a tent and can talk to Tom Nook to get a bigger, better home. You collect items such as seashells at the beginning, buying items such as a net and fishing rod from Nookingtons (they only sell 2 items a day, so you have to wait for the stock to rotate) with the proceeds- you can sell the items to either Nookingtons or the Re-Tail, a flea market/ recycling centre.

The music

The music in this game is very pretty, with players having the ability to change the town's signature song (the other characters whistle this) many times, meaning the music doesn't get repetitive. There are sea shanties too!

The Graphics

The Graphics of New Leaf are quite pretty, with the 3d truly helping to immerse you in the experience. The player's sprite is very young, but as the game is marketed at a young audience you can see why this is.

The other villagers

The other villagers are a varied crowd, all with their own sayings and taste in furniture. You can change these sayings at the request of the villager to pretty much anything- Nintendo have stopped the ability to grief with a feature that allows you to reset their attributes.

Multiplayer Aspects

There are some interesting multiplayer aspects- you can invite your friends to your village or go and visit theirs, allowing for trading between villages. There is also the Happy Home Showcase, where the homes of those you've met via StreetPass will be shown.

Overall thoughts

I really do love this game, especially its charm, and I think if you have any love for games at all you'll probably love it too.

I have to go and pay Tom Nook 30,000 bells.


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