Tuesday, 31 July 2012


What is it?

Towns is a game where you control people in order for them to establish a colony. Unlike most city-building games, Towns also includes a dungeon level and sieges which help give the game more depth.

Coming out of Beta.

The game is actually still in the Beta stage, so there are going to be a lot more tweaks before the full release. Of course, as is still being seen with Minecraft, further tweaks may be made after the full release.

So, the game modes.

There are several different ways to play Towns, depending on the map type you choose. The map types are normal, desert, jungle, mixed, snow and mountain. The easiest to play is "normal" mode, but "mixed" is also relatively easy as it consists of other map types as well as standard grass. Each map type has its own set of mobs, along with different food sources.


There is an awful lot of pointing and clicking in the game. To be honest, the commands within the game could be made a hell of a lot easier- you have to go through about 4 menus just to bake bread. And you have to do it every single time.

The best way to stop the village from coming under siege is to keep the population down. Unfortunately, keeping the population down means that the small population you do have are made to do all of the tasks you set.

Let's play videos.

Now, Towns is a relatively new game, but still has its fair share of playthroughs. One of these is done by Sips of the Yogscast, who began playing before a lot of changes were implemented. Of the let's play videos I've seen, there aren't many that are awful.

My opinion.

The game still needs a lot of work, but I think it's definitely heading in the right direction. I'd advise people who like city building games to play Towns, as the new elements add fun to what would otherwise just be yet another bad Facebook game.


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