Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Greed Corp. Review

The settings menu

Now, I just opened Greed Corp. up to get into the settings. I realised how annoying they are. With a settings menu, there is usually quite a quick way to change settings- using a drop down menu for things like resolution or a scrollbar for things like sound or effects volume. Greed Corp. uses a click option for both, with each click for resolution acting in the same way as a drop down menu would but with the volume clicks only altering it by 1% per click, though you can hold down the button. A manual input here wouldn't be the worst idea in the world.

The gameplay

The game is quite a simple point-and-click strategy game. You start off with a few hexagonal tiles under your command and have to either destroy or take over the tiles of the opposing players by using cannons, walkers, harvesters and carriers. The levels start off big and easy to navigate, but soon become either smaller or large but with big gaps between the fields of war and a ton of enemies.

Conquest points: you gain these within the game, by completing maps. These are then used to unlock the next map or next difficulty level.

Harvesters: these are a must in the game, as they provide you with gold to build with. You can also self-destruct these, which doesn't make you gold but does destroy the land the harvester is on and 1 block down of adjacent tiles.

Cannons: these fire ammo across around 1-3 tiles, destroying up to 5 enemies and also lowering the ground by one layer.

Armory: these are used to produce walkers. They can produce up to 8 at a time, depending on how much gold you have. They also produce carriers.

Walkers: you usually start off with a few of these, and they are used to conquer tiles. If the tile has no enemy on it, you only need 1 walker but if the space is occupied by an enemy walker, you must send either an equal amount or one more in order to take over the tile. These units can move limitlessly within your own tiles, but only 1 tile outside of the area you own.

Carriers: these expensive (50 gold) planes can carry up to 16 walkers to any spot on the map. They do not appear on the map until they are used and therefore cannot be destroyed.

Harvesters are a must in the game

There are 4 difficulty levels to the game: Freemen, Pirates, Cartel and Empire. You start off as a Freeman.

Freemen levels

Mokosh Dam, Morana Plateau, Perkunas Islands, Angerona Mountains, Antrasis Swamp and Ravimaris plains. As with the 4 difficulty levels, these increase in how hard they are.

Pirate levels

Elysium Valley, Asaphyr Crossing, Katharsis Crossing, Dunes of Mokosh, River Perun and Cartel Lake.

Cartel levels

Pioneer's Peninsula, Pirate Coves, Asarium Ridge, Asphodel Forest, Perun Delta and Evander's Cliff.

Empire levels

Morana Base, Slask Reef, Pirate Lagoon, Freemen Islands, Asaphyr Harbor and Mines of Ad Ralorem.

Online play

There is an online play option for the game, but no-one was online when I wanted to play, so I'll try and check that out another time. I will just say that I like the way it looks- with an option to either create or join a game, as well as the option of adding computer players.

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