Friday, 27 July 2012


Yes, it's a little overplayed.

Since I first began playing minecraft, I've wanted to either do a let's play series or a review, but it has always seemed like too many people are doing it- and badly, quite often.

Now, I'm an avid viewer of the Yogscast and their many Minecraft series, but I don't just watch others play it and have been making my own adventure map since November 2011.

A world of blocks.

For the very few people who don't know, Minecraft is a game in a world made of blocks (i.e. pixels). There are three types of game you can play- survival, hardcore and creative. Creative mode is basically for making things, and mobs don't attack. Survival is all about surviving, and you can mine or do pretty much whatever you want in the game. Hardcore is also about surviving, but the game is locked at the hardest difficulty.

The modding community.

Minecraft has a really big community where game mods are concerned. One major one is the Technic pack, which is comprised of many mods and makes them work together.

My favourite mod is the Tale of Kingdoms mod, which makes the game a little more RPG-like. Another mod which I like is millenaire, where a village spawns and you can help it. If two villages spawn near each other, they might end up going to war.

A Millenaire village

Texture packs

These aren't technically mods, but there is the option to change how the blocks in the game look. Popular texture packs include Spax BD Craft and Doku Craft.

Let's play videos.

As I've mentioned, there is quite a big let's play community where Minecraft is concerned. Now, these don't always get massive amounts of views and some can end up being terrible. But there are gems out there, you just have to find them.

The online experience.

Now, Minecraft has a lot of servers. Many of these are old and can be kinda wrecked, but those that are well moderated can be a joy to play on, and the multiplayer aspect stops me from going insane whilst playing the game.

Hosting your own server is entirely possible (I host one on my laptop from time to time) but it can prove better if you pay a server host, as you tend to get less lag.

Overall review.

Minecraft is pretty fun, and the technic launcher really enhances the game. I think that whether you play RPGs, shoot-em-ups or sandbox games then you'll probably enjoy minecraft.

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