Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ur-Quan Masters HD

This is an interesting free game I found when roaming around the internet. Based on the sourcecode of Star Control II, originally published in 1992, this game has a truly retro feel to it.

A Spathi, one of the alien races you encounter.

The basis of the game

You are a member of a world once colonized by humans, and you must journey back to Earth in order to either help your people or to save humanity (you don't know which is more relevant at the start). Upon reaching Earth, you'll notice that the planet appears to be red- don't worry, it's not become radioactive, it's under a slave shield! Your new mission is to save Earth and free humanity from the clutches of the evil Ur-Quan.

An adventure/ space exploration game

The game revolves around exploring space and making allies/ defeating enemies. You have to build a fleet of ships and ensure that you bring the Ur-Quan to their (equivalent of) knees!

My opinion of the game

I really enjoy Ur-Quan masters HD and I feel that if you're into space-based games or just looking to play a nice game, you should go for this one.

Download it here.

Also, remember to save regularly. And if you have an issue with the game opening after first run, try running it as administrator!


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