Friday, 28 February 2014

Space Invaders (1994)

I recently bought myself a copy of the 1994 Game Boy edition of the classic game Space Invaders. Previously, I had only played this game on my Nokia N-Gauge as a child, and I wanted the full experience.

The game basics

For those of you that haven't played Space Invaders, it's a game where you have to save the world from an invasion of aliens- using just one ship. You have barriers you can hide behind whilst the aliens shoot at you, or you can be brave and pop outside of the barriers to shoot at them.

Different aliens

There are five different types of aliens, each worth a different amount of points. The points are lower for the closer aliens and they increase as shown below.

Is it fun?

To me, the game is quite fun because I enjoy racking up the points. Some people may not enjoy it, but it's nostalgic and the sounds made by the game are cool too.


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