Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (3DS)

I've been a fan of Zelda games since I can remember. Sitting there and solving the puzzles, as well as always being the good guy, has always been something that appeals to me. To top it off, this version of Ocarina of Time is extremely beautiful and has easily had days of my time devoted to it.

The storyline

As with every LoZ game, you have to rescue Zelda. Unusually, this occurs quite late into the game and is as a result of something bad happening (no spoilers here). You have to become the best Link you can possibly be and, with the ever-annoying Navi by your side, you can set out to do just that.


Obviously, this is a remake of the n64 game. The graphic quality has definitely improved, though Zelda purists will perhaps say that this wasn't necessarily for the best. What I will say, though, is that Epona looks really pretty in this version of the game, which has pretty much sold it.

The music, too, is extremely beautiful- not that it wasn't in the n64 version, of course, but the game really shines with a layer of gold upon it!

Difficulty levels

As with all Zelda games, this is quite a challenging game- but you feel like the rewards are worth it, which is a nice touch. They have actually lowered the difficulty of some temples as they were complained about in the original game. However, I don't feel that the game has lost anything with this lowering of the difficulty levels, as it means you can actually complete the game without (often) feeling the urge to throw your 3ds at the wall.

Overall thoughts

This is a wonderful remake of an awesome game. I enjoyed playing it and am only sorry it's taken me a lot longer than I had planned to complete it (I got this game on release day, I have the LoZ 3ds and everything). But that's what happens when you start second year of University I guess :3

So, if you haven't added this game to your collection already, do it. Seriously, it's a good game and I genuinely believe that it should be owned by all Zelda fans. If you've never played the series, this is a good introduction to it as you have all the glorious backstory elements in the game as well as your cool gadgets!


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