Friday, 16 August 2013

Wolf Quest

This is a free-to play RPG where you play as a wolf. You are either male or female (your choice) and your quest is to find a mate and raise a family. Along the path to happiness lay many different problems you must overcome- from Coyotes to Bears, you have to fight to survive in this harsh life.

The graphics

The graphics of this game are a little low spec, but they make little to no difference where gameplay is concerned.

Gameplay aspects

To gain a mate, you must interact with wolves in the game. Eventually, you will find a wolf of the opposite gender that you are able to flirt with and this wolf may become your mate (if it doesn't, you can try again). The map is highly useful within this game with regards to finding wolf areas, as well as an aspect where you can see scents which can be used to find other animals and, most importantly, food.

After a while you will have a family of your own to raise- feeding them, protecting them and teaching your pups to stay close. If you survive this, your pack will move on.

Overall view

This game is quite good, though very short. It has a ridiculous level of customisation when it comes to the wolf! I think it's a worthwhile game with regards to the fact it's free and you can pick it up at pretty much any point.

You can find the game here.


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