Friday, 23 August 2013

Virtue's Last Reward

This game, available on both the 3ds and the PS vita seems like it's going to be an interesting little time-drainer. It has an engrossing story and interesting characters and seems to be marketing itself very much towards the "Otaku" market, with an introduction almost the same length as a standard episode of Anime.

The story

Without giving too much away about the game, I will say this- this is one of the most immersive storylines a video game I've played has had. It rivals Phoenix Wright games in the length of its story and the immersiveness that the story has. If you're into just starting a video game without glancing at the story, I really wouldn't suggest it with this game. Although you can play the game without watching the intro video (I did at first) it definitely adds something extra to the game if you actually know why you're in the situation you end up in and exactly who the people with you- and you yourself- are.

The gameplay

This is a typical hidden clue game, where you must piece together a set of items and find your way out of a building. You can change the difficulty setting whilst playing, meaning that you can stop yourself getting stuck on the more complex puzzles. Overall, the game is pretty cool.

Overall thoughts

This is a nice little game and it manages to pull off being one of the cheapest games on the 3ds (in GAME, its £16) without being of a cheap quality. If you like story-driven games, I'd suggest you give this game a go- there's a demo for the 3ds version (there might be for the Vita version, but I don't know) so you can sample the game before forking out the less than £20 for the game. A very good title with a very good price.


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