Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Switch Preview- Arms

With Nintendo's latest console due to come out at the end of the week, I figured a review of one of its cooler games was due!

I got the opportunity to play Arms at the Switch event in London, and it was definitely one of the better games I've been able to play in a while.

Arms is one of the best games on the Switch in terms of multiplayer right now, with the only drawback being that both players need 2 Joycons for the game to work (there was no official news re online multiplayer at the time I played the game, but this could easily rectify the issue).

If you're into multiplayer fighting games with diverse characters, maps and a fun art style, Arms is definitely something worth taking the time to play. It uses the Joycon's rumble feature to make it really feel like you and your opponent are punching, grabbing and blocking each other. One of the features I love is that each character has their own selection of arms to choose from, and you can try to play a sort of rock-paper-scissors game with matching the arms of your opponent's character.

Arms is a game I'm looking forward to being released, and I'm keeping my ear to the ground for further updates as I cannot wait for the release date to be announced!

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